Crazy Rich Asians Review

The different ideologies of being the child of immigrants, compared to someone who grew up in Asia is a major talking point that I'm glad was discussed.


Before anything else, this will be biased. What review isn’t? I need to state this is a biased review because I am of East Asian descent. 😂

Anyway, I loved the movie. Not to the point of me seeing it three times. Maybe twice. The different ideologies of being the child of immigrants, compared to someone who grew up in Asia is a major talking point that I’m glad was discussed.
This film is just so damn relatable. Lessons taught to us by our parents were being reinforced. The importance of keeping the tradition, not letting go of your cultural identity, working hard to earn your rewards in life. That’s what I related to.
You really have to see it. The film is such a breath of fresh air amidst a sea of Caucasians in the films we see today. This is the first movie since The Joy Luck Club, in 1993, to have an All-Asian Cast. How crazy is that?

Yes. Critics will say that the main characters are all of East Asian Descent and not representative of Singapore today. I don’t blame them. If I recall, the point of East Asian dominance was even discussed in the book. (I really should read it.) What many people tend to forget is that Singapore isn’t just the Chinese. There’s also the Malays and the Indians and so many others. That part was not really discussed in the movie. That’s a sensitive topic but, films are also an escape from reality. Maybe the sequel can discuss it?

Crazy Rich Asians is not the perfect movie but, it is a significant step in having more movies in Hollywood starring people who look like us.
Overall, I enjoyed the film more for the fact that this was even made in this day and age. It’s so rare for that to happen. The story was still entertaining.

Final Score: 4 Bok Boks out of 5. Bitch.
There was a fun cameo by Kris Aquino. The Queen of Philippine Entertainment herself. Around a 1-2 minute cameo that was fun for what it was.
This isn’t a superhero movie but, you have to stay for a mid-credits scene. 😉

-Steven Maxwell Tan (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @steviesaidyup)

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