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Aquaman Review

What got me to love Aquaman was the fact that it embraced the insanity of comic books and translated it onto the big screen.

Aquaman has now made $1 Billion.

People had doubts on Aquaman but, it looks like DC may have found its groove. Can they continue this trend with future movies?

Hmmm. What can I say about Aquaman? The movie isn’t perfect but, it gets the job done of being a good DC Movie.

The Action Sequences and Cinematography was amazing. Almost every scene was a spectacle for the eyes.

The story is all about Arthur Curry claiming the throne of Atlantis. That’s the gist of the whole thing. Along the way, we see a glimpse into the political strategy of King Orm. Jason Momoa is a perfect fir for the role of Arthur Curry. His being half white and half hawaiian really helped with teh identity struggle. Amber Heard as Mera showed that women in the DC Universe are very much capable of taking care of themselves. The women in this movie felt more badass than Black Panther. Even Nicole Kidman was kicking ass at the beginning of the movie. An actor you would least expect to kick ass in a superhero movie. Dolph Lundgren carried his own as well as the father of Mera, King Nereus. Royalty struggling between pacifism or initiating an all-out war on the surface. One reason being that mankind has constantly thrown trash into the water and forgetting about it. This issue is talked about a little when the ocean shoots back all the trash it has gathered and leaves heaps of trash in Massachusetts.

After Orm causes a tidal wave on the surface Mera brings Arthur to Atlantis and plans out a strategy to find the Trident of King Atlan thus, ending the war.

There’s something about King Orm. His reasoning is valid. We really have caused the earth to go down the drain. Almost to the point of not being saved. His application is the problem though, which is to go to war and cause more bloodshed. Patrick WIlson was a perfect fit for the role.

I’d like to talk more about the breakout star of the movie and that’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as David Kane aka Black Manta. You see Aquaman leaves his father for dead early on in the film thus, becoming the catalyst of his thirst for vengeance and to kill Aquaman. Black Manta is relentless and brutal in his pursuit. You understand where he’s coming from because Arthur was too cocky of a hero to save someone even if they did do wrong thus, creating his own Arch-Enemy. One under-utilized character is Randall Park as Dr. Stephen Shin. A scientist who is obsessed with proving Atlantis’ Existence. I have a feeling we will see more of him in the sequel.

As for the rest of the movie, I did not enjoy the awkward comedic timing. Some of it felt so rushed and out of place. I don’t think it brought out a single laugh from the cinema. There was also the issue of a confusing timeline. When watching Justice League, it was established that Arthur already knew Mera prior. How could he not know her name now?

Everyone was more in awe of the visuals. There was also the scene where Arthur and Mera are about to enter the trench. We get the best jump scare of the film with the creatures of the trench attacking the boat they are on. The best visual comes from the final battle though. I don’t think Marvel can compare when it comes to final battles. The whole scene felt so epic, especially when we see Arthur use his ability to command the sea creatures. It was so cool! Every scene left me in awe, visually. I have no complaints.

What got me to love Aquaman was the fact that it embraced the insanity of comic books and translated it onto the big screen.

4 Mantas out of 5

Angry Black Manta Sticker by Aquaman Movie

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