LBReviews: Mission Impossible: Fallout

Here’s hoping that if they do come out with the next installment they keep on making the story fresh and updated enough for the new audiences.

*Hi everyone! It’s Steven again. From here on out, we will call LB’s Reviews as…well…LBReviews 🙂 Today, she’ll be reviewing Mission Impossible 6: Fallout. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: I once proclaimed to friends and family that I well never pay for a Tom Cruise movie ever again after watching “Going Clear”, a documentary about the human rights violations of the cult like organization of Scientology in the United States of America. And for those that didn’t know the most famous member is Tom Cruise, among the numerous Hollywood A-Listers that belong to the organization as well.

However I ended up breaking that promise because of the hype that went along with the release of the latest installment of the Mission Impossible Franchise.

My curiosity and my love for popcorn flicks overruled my attempts at being a moral and ethical person.

My reviews are entirely based on my personal opinions and from my education as a writer, storyteller and as an aspiring filmmaker.


The premise of the movie relies on the vain hope that you remember what happened in the previous Mission Impossible movie, the fifth one called Rogue Nation. And that you might also be able to recall all that things that went down in all the previous Mission Impossible movies. There is a threat of a world ending type of terrorist attack and only the IMF team led by Tom Cruise can stop it. Ehem, Agent Ethan Hunt. But in reality, at this point we’re just paying to see Tom Cruise jump around and try to kill himself in the best way possible, for our entertainment.

In Fallout, their mission is to stop a terrorist group from acquiring some plutonium that will be used for nuclear bombs. Their mission gets sabotaged by the terrorists themselves and they now have to stop the terrorists from unleashing it to the world. At this point, you can practically guess what happens next. Typical spy movie plot. Good guy versus bad guy, not so clear on who’s really bad and then they fight to the death by the end they successfully defuse a bomb at the very last possible second.

What makes this new installment exciting and enjoyable to watch is you can tell how committed they are at making the action sequences as memorable and as unique as they can. At this point in time practically all of the Mission Impossible movies are known for Tom Cruise’s crazy stunts and the action scenes that have become so iconic that they are now a part of modern pop culture. No other spy/action/thriller movie comes close to the style and kind of stunts the Mission Impossible comes out with. In the latest one they have even managed to up the ante with extreme action sequences, one after the other. That was the best part, they didn’t have this long lulls in between with expositions and random backstories a hundred percent of the audience don’t really care about. I’m not there to learn about the gray areas of the human condition. This big budget-sure to be a Hollywood blockbuster-type of production was not made for that. I’m there to see some people get beat up and shot at and some explosions.

Where else can you find a movie where they have a shootout then they escape because of a remote controlled car, then in the next scene they jump out of plane and land in Paris during a storm, then once inside the venue where they intercept a villain and they have the best close combat, pure skill and muscle fight scene in years in the first 30 minutes of the film?

Really cool part was that the Ilsa / british agent had really great action sequences. I need to have a special shoutout to her because, she was given a chance to fight with the boys in equal measure and it’s so good to see women being as skilled and as efficient in action movies. if they are planning on releasing more of these films then I’d like to see more of her and more female characters to balance out the dominance of men in the story. That’s just the world works, men and women fight for the same causes all the time and yet the women are pushed to the sidelines when given the chance they can display the same amount of skill and strength in the game of espionage and war.

The biggest reason I bothered to watch Fallout was of course to see Henry Cavill go toe to toe with action movie God Tom Cruise. I don’t think the movie ever really hid the fact that he was a villain in the trailers. And at the very first scene that Henry is seen you can already tell that he is not to be trusted. You could argue that the character was just being a good spy and not trusting anyone just because you’re on a mission together you can’t relax because that’s just the nature of the job. but the way August Walker, walked, talked and reacted to all the other characters clearly showed that he had his own agenda. This was really good acting on Henry Cavill’s part because for most people he is seen as Superman, the ultimate good guy. With this character, he made me want to see him as a villain or the anti hero in his future rules.

What I really liked was the fast pace of the movie, the 2 hour and 27 minute run time didn’t feel like it was a 2 hour and 27 minute movie. Each and every action sequence can be considered iconic but the best would have to be the helicopter sequence. That scene cannot be described, watch it. Millions of dollars well spent. I haven’t had the feeling of being so on edge and so immersed in the feeling of danger, in a really long time.

I also really liked that the movie didn’t take itself too seriously, the writers seemed to be aware of the cartoonish nature of the IMF missions and the supposed technology they use in doing their missions. That they included a few scenes and pieces of dialogue that showed they were definitely updating their style for the newer audience that might watch the MI franchise. These scenes made jokes and references to previous films wherein they make it clear that they can laugh at themselves too.

Mission Impossible would probably be around for a couple more years because of the success of this one. Here’s hoping that if they do come out with the next installment they keep on making the story fresh and updated enough for the new audiences.

Random thoughts that popped up in my head while watching the movie:

(I’ve never really heard people use the word disavow so casually other than in the Mission Impossible movies)

(Why did they have a highlight reel of the movie at the very beginning of the movie? The scene after he receives the IMF mission? And then had another one as the credits started to roll?)

(I really want to learn how they do the perspective shots in these films because Tom Cruise looks like he’s near Henry Cavill’s height and that dude is a giant)

(Henry Cavill couldn’t possibly be an effective spy for the CIA, he is huge as hell and extremely handsome, and the whole point of being a spy is that you can blend into different situations and locations, and Superman always stands out.)

(The motivations and the manifesto of the villains are a very clear reference to what we are facing IRL though)

(I am one hundred percent sure that Vanessa Kirby’s character would have a bigger role if they come out with a new installment)

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