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The Geeky Juans Episode 16: Avengers Endgame Predictions & MCU Recap

...our predictions for the culmination of the Infinity Saga.

One of the final Avengers Endgame trailers looks back on the history of Marvel films.

The Marvel films in the past 10 years has brought us joy, sadness, shock and every emotion you can think of. Over a decade has gone and yet, we’re still watching these colorful heroes on screen and they show no signs of stopping. From a billionaire philanthropist stuck in the desert to an amnesiac space cop, the Avengers have something for everyone.

I remember seeing my first Iron Man film. My father was wondering why so many people were staying in the cinema and boy, was it a shocker for everyone. The year was 2008 and I was still new to the world of comic books. However, seeing Nick Fury discuss the Avenger Initiative to Tony Stark was still a huge surprise because spoilers weren’t as rampant as they are today. I really didn’t know what to expect. Marvel has done a post-credit scene with almost every movie that it’s becoming the norm for many films. The concept may annoy a fair number of viewers but, I’d like to think of it as a reward for viewing the names of all the hard-workers who made the movie possible.

On the eve of Avengers Endgame, The Geeky Juans would like to release this special episode on the 10 years of the MCU and our predictions for the culmination of the Infinity Saga. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done wonders for superhero films and Avengers Endgame is the result of hardships and triumphs under the House of Mouse.

This episode will discuss our predictions for Endgame and what could happen after. Don’t worry. No spoilers in here. We also looked back on the 10 yeas of Marvel Films and how we watched each film. So, enjoy and relax as we revisit the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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