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The Geeky Juans Picks: Our Favorite Apex Legends Drop Zones

One of the most important decisions when dropping into King's Canyon is making sure you're dropping into the right place.

Apex Legends has been out for 3 months, and while the surge of new content has been slow, We’re still having a great time going around and taking down squads in King’s Canyon. With new content arriving in June, things should only look better for one of the best battle royale games around.

Speaking of King’s Canyon, one of the most important decisions when dropping into the map is making sure you’re dropping into the right place. Along with picking the right weapons to run with, picking the right drop zone can make or break your game, and having played a good amount of hours, we have found my favorite go-to spots for quality loot. Here are our favorite Apex Legends Drop Zones and why you should try landing on them.


Having two sides and enough loot to go around to, Airbase usually ends up as one of the most chaotic places from the get-go. The most memorable area would be the two runways connected by the ziplines, with squads trying to take out each other from the distance, which usually ends up with one team taking a chance and ziplining with reckless abandon.

Speed is the key when looting here, which is why my favorite spot to drop is in the area with four supply bins, as I can make sure enemies don’t get anything, while being equipped enough to withstand the initial onslaught. It’s best to take over both sides of the runway, as many squads tend to start their looting there, and pushing them in those spots can keep them in a tight spot to allow you to take them out the warehouses are also key areas, as these can be prime ambush spots if you’re not careful enough.

Airbase is also a great starting point altogether, as it is close to other high loot areas such as Runoff and Bunker. If you’re looking to rack up some early kills while having solid loot, Airbase does the job very well.


Like Airbase, Artillery can be divided into two sides full of loot, with the area almost reaching Skull Town levels of chaos. The main goal during the start of every drop should be targeting one of the large warehouses on each side, as they provide armor and guns from the get go, allowing you to fight right away.

The three exit points of the map also offers a lot of loot. The exit going to Two Spines offers tons of supply bins scattered around, the exit going to Cascades offers enough starting loot if you can’t reach the warehouses, and the tunnel on the west offers some extra equipment and ammo once you’re done clearing the area. Artillery gunfights can be brutal, as you can end up chasing squads along the whole base, with each player trying to outflank one another while having enough high spots to snipe down some hapless foes.

With so much loot, and many places to maneuver during gunfights, Artillery is always a fun place to drop.

Water Treatment

The southernmost drop zone might not be as chaotic, but the amount of loot scattered around makes it an underrated drop zone that would not only provide you with loot, but also get you close to hot areas like Skull Town and Market.

The area is similar to Runoff, as you are maneuvering inside some cramped buildings full of loot, which can lead to some crazy tight gunfights. While the area outside the buildings are pretty open, the surrounding area is filled with a lot of places to take cover during fights, which can lead to some crazy standoffs.

While this may be the most quiet out of my three picks, there are times where the area can turn into its own hotzone, as more squads have been dropping into the area due to the quality loot alone. While less heralded compared to nearby areas, Water Treatment is a great place to gather loot, while being close to a good amount of action that’s present nearby.

Picking a spot to drop in Apex Legends is always an adventure, as you would usually end up dropping with multiple enemy hostiles, which ups the thrill of taking them down and getting the early game advantage. These three picks provide a good balance of loot and enemies, which is a perfect start to ensure you would not be cold in gunfights, while having enough gear to keep yourself ready.

The next time you become the Jumpmaster, give these areas a look and we’re sure you’ll be having a crazy good time.

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