Comic Odyssey Mystery Box Unboxing on June 12, 2019! (Updated August 25)

Recently, Comic Odyssey announced the arrival of their first-ever mystery box. We don’t know if the Mystery Box will become a regular subscription-based product or if it’s just a one-time sale. Rest assured, The Geeky Juans will send you the latest updates on this fun change of pace in the Philippine Comic Book scene.

Comic Odyssey announced a Mystery Box!

Announcing the first-ever Geeky Juans Unboxing Video. We’ll be opening the Comic Odyssey Mystery Box so stay tuned on June 12, 2019 at 12:12pm!


We forgot to post the actual unboxing video! Apologies. Here it is in full glory.

Comic Odyssey Mystey Box Unboxing Video

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