Cuddle Weather Movie Review

This movie about prostitutes isn't what you think it is.

Cuddle Weather is a movie about two prostitutes falling in love with each other.

Starring: Sue Ramirez, RK Bagatsing

Run Time: 90 Minutes

I never thought a story about a prostitute could end up like this.

Cuddle Weather is the story of two prostitutes both looking to find their way in life. A young male prostitute named Ram is an inexperienced country bumpkin who turned to prostitution for a better life. One day, Ram meets Shin/Angel. A girl with multiple personas.

Ram and Angel were in the same motel when Ram realized that Angel could teach him a thing or two about being a sex worker and comedic adventures ensue.

However, the movie isn’t completely a comedic movie about prostitution. What makes Cuddle Weather work is the fact that it does not look down upon prostitution. Everyone has their own story to tell and the movie lets the characters do that.

The movie is quite predictable but, that’s a common trend in many romcoms. You already know that the two main characters in a movie such as this will end up together.

There’s not too much to say about the movie. Cuddle Weather is predictable but, this isn’t really a movie that requires a thorough analysis. Sure, there were a few plot holes like Ram wanting Angel to stay as a prostitute but, they could start a new life by leaving. It made little to no sense.

In the end, Angel and Ram get to start their new lives together as a couple. Two lost souls who found each other in a place that is more popular for one-time physical interactions.


-Ram constantly calling Angel Senpai despite the fact that Angel doesn’t get the context.

-Attempting a high-five is a regular theme.

Final Thoughts: Cuddle Weather is quite predictable but, there’s an enormous amount of KILIG. 5 of 5 Stars.

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