Weezer x Frozen 2: Lost in The Woods Music Video

Frozen 2 has been in theaters for almost a month now and the crowds show no signs of stopping.

Who knew Rivers Cuomo could be such a convincing Kristoff?

One of the more unique aspects of the film has been the variety of musical artists that Disney has recruited for the soundtrack. Unlike the first movie, which featured pop stars such as Demi Lovatio, Frozen 2 focused on alternative artists such as Brendon Urie of Panic at The Disco for “Into The Unknown”, Norwegian Singer Aurora as the voice of the Siren and of course, Weezer for their iteration of “Lost in The Woods.”

If you haven’t seen Frozen 2 here’s a glimpse into one of the scenes from the movie as recreated by legendary rockers, Weezer. There are three highlights to the video: We have lead singer Rivers Cuomo all dressed up as Kristoff in the movie, Kristen Bell dressed up as Anna in of her rare appearances as her character and, the video is a, almost, shot for shot recreation of the scene from the movie.

Frozen 2 is out in theaters now.

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