WW84 Teaser Trailer Thoughts

Earlier this week, the first teaser trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 was released.

Wondy is back and better than ever.

The trailer opens with Barbara Minerva, the future Cheetah, talking to Diana about love. Diana responds by saying she was in love a long time ago as the WB and DC Credits roll.

We move on to clips of Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, talking about having a better life and more. One of his statements stick out for me. This isn’t verbatim but, it’s what I understood…

What if we can make one wish to make ourselves happier?

For Diana, it’s wanting to see Steve Trevor come back and, it happens. We don’t know how Steve returns but, we get a role reversal for Diana and Steve. He is now the fish out of water while Diana is the person who is familiar with the world.

As Steve and Trevor reunite, we cut back to Maxwell Lord in his office. He now is holding a mysterious stone. Now, I’m not too familiar with Wonder Woman’s lore so I have no idea what it is. I’m just assuming the stone is involved with the return of Steve Trevor and more.

The trailer continues with Wonder Woman in action and she showcases more of her fighting skills and powers. WW84’s trailer really is a hype video for the movie but, I feel like it showed a little too much.

We already get to see Wonder Woman’s Golden Eagle suit. Personally, I think there may be something bigger in store that won’t be shown in any of the trailers. Maybe it’s the Purple Healing Ray? The Invisible Jet? Donna Troy?

There are so many possibilities to choose from. WW84 was supposed to be released this holiday season but, I think it was smart of WB to delay the release to 2020 when there is no Star Wars movie. Marvel will be releasing the Black Widow movie a month earlier so we’ll be getting two female-led superhero movies.

We’ll be getting a nice slate of a different kind of superhero movie after a very long time of male-dominated films. Wonder Woman broke the chain and I think she’s here to keep the path to having more female-led superhero movies open.

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