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Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Review

The plot was simple enough to establish the main points of Sonic vs Robotnik, Sonic and Tom's friendship while setting up a potential sequel where we finally get the team-up of Sonic and Tails.

Let’s see how far we’ve come. When the first Sonic The Hedgehog trailer was released, there was an uproar from fans about how terrible Sonic looked.

And they were right. Paramount initially wanted a photorealistic Hedgehog to fit the real world aesthetic of the film.

The decision by studio executives resulted in a monstrosity that was accompanied by Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise in its trailer which has no connection to Sonic at all.

I need to warn you that the old Sonic may induce fear and cause people to not go to sleep.

You’ve been warned…

The old trailer was nightmare fuel to say the least.

Yes. There was a point in time when Sonic did not have his iconic big eyes, white gloves and round body. Let me tell you, watching the rebuilt movie made me so thankful that the fans’ voices were heard.

Illustrator Tyson Hesse was chosen to lead the Sonic Movie Crew in redesigning the Blue Blur to match the design we are familiar with. Seriously, even Sonic Boom Sonic with his scarf still looked okay. The combined effort of Hesse and the crew gave us a better-looking Sonic with a more familiar look that 90s kids grew up on. No Gangster’s Paradise here.

Look at what happens when you give him his iconic, round look with big eyes and white gloves.

A Decent Story

Sonic The Hedgehog begins with the final act already in action. Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik chases Sonic all over San Francisco while Sonic narrates his story of how he got to earth including a quick flashback to his time in the all-too familiar Green Hill Zone.

His parental figure, Longclaw, advises him to keep his powers a secret so he won’t be captured by a tribe of Echidnas. That’s right. Echidnas. We’re talking about Knuckles and his tribe. However, there is no sighting of Knuckles anywhere.

The Echidnas are the closest Knuckles reference we will get. This tribe begins to hunt Sonic and Longclaw however, Longclaw is shot at by the Echidnas’ arrow and Sonic has to escape into a different world to prevent capture from the tribe.

Sonic lands in a place called Green Hills in Montana where he resides for ten years staying hidden from society. Over time, Sonic gains an attachment to Tom and his wife, Maddie.

One of the biggest things that Sonic was missing in his time on earth is a family. He saw the Wachowskis as his family because he lost his parental figure in Longclaw.

The movie puts an emphasis on Sonic’s isolation on earth. He doesn’t gain a family until he learns to work with Tom aka The Donut Lord. Sonic The Hedgehog has a very basic plot. Sonic is isolated in earth after escaping hunters from his planet.

Sonic causes a major power outage and he teams up with Tom to avoid getting caught by the government and Dr. Robotnik.

Over the duration of the film, we see glimpses of Dr. Robotnik’s descent into madness and the growth of Sonic and Tom’s friendship.

Sonic always had to hide his power and go from planet to planet. Once Sonic realized that e loved earth too much to let go of his best friend and his world, he makes the decision to use his powers out in the open.

Callbacks Everywhere

The end result is a throwback to the old Sonic games. Keep a keen eye and you’ll notice how Sonic takes down Robotnik before sending him into the Mushroom Zone. As for other highlights, you need to keep your ears sharp and your eyes peeled.

There are so many callbacks to the game. Some highlights include a slowed-down version of of the Green Hill Zone theme in Tom and Maddie’s last scene to the lines that Sonic says within the movie to the numerous dated pop culture references that Sonic is famous for, you can tell this movie was made with passion.

The first impression was sad to say the least. However, Paramount listened to our call and gave use one of the best video game movies we’ve seen in a very long time. We also got the Sonic Mania theme song as Baby Sonic’s theme. It’s wonderful!

Friends by Hyper Potions was the song used to introduce us to Baby Sonic.

What comes next?

If you stayed for the mid-credits scene, you would know that Sonic’s best friend, Tails, has arrived from their world to look for Sonic. Based on the tone of Tails’ voice, their world could be in big trouble.

Could this be a signal to bring in the Chaos Emeralds? Speaking of the Chaos Emeralds, could we also see the guardian of the Master Emerald in the form of Knuckles The Echidna?

We did see members of Knuckles’ tribe in the early scenes of the movie. Maybe he starts out as a villain after an encounter with Robotnik on his “ROCKonnaisance” mission.

Once Knuckles realizes the error of his ways, we can get Knuckles as part of the team and we’ll get Amy Rose and the rest of the Sonic team.

Let’s see what the Blue Blur will have for us next.

Putting on The Brakes

Overall, Sonic The Hedgehog did an excellent job of creating a good movie adaptation of a video game. The plot was simple enough to establish the main points of Sonic vs Robotnik, Sonic and Tom’s friendship while setting up a potential sequel where we finally get the team-up of Sonic and Tails.

Once the characters are established, we’ll be able to get deeper into the lore of the franchise. This movie was worth the extra wait. Hopefully a sequel is in the works.

Final Score: 5/5

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