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Talking to Meow Project’s Jay Santos

Talking about Cats, Super Sentai and more with Meow Project's Jay Santos.

While everyone is stuck in quarantine, we had the chance to talk to Artist Jay Santos aka Meow Project via online call.

During the day, Jay works as a Design Lead in a major tech company and by night, he is the creator of Meow Project. The popular cat stickers are a major attraction for Komiket attendees.

Meow Project features cute Cat Stickers with different themes.

He’s a fan of cats, manga, and Super Sentai!

On this episode, Steven talks to Jay about how Meow Project was founded, Jay’s first-time experience as a booth seller in Komiket, his favorite convention food and much, much more!

You can find the latest Meow Project T-Shirt styles in their TeePublic Shop. If you want to have Meow Project stickers, you can check out their Shopee Store. (Make sure to follow them as they are currently on vacation mode due to the Coronavirus Pandemic)

Enjoy the latest episode of The Geeky Juans Podcast below! (Featured Photo by Jay Santos of Meow Project)

Cats, Super Sentai and more!
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Steven Maxwell Tan is a Data Encoder by Day and Blogger/Podcaster by night at The Geeky Juans. He loves New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Comic Books and Super Sentai (Not necessarily in that order.) You can find him ranting about Terrace House episodes or the latest comic storyline on his Twitter account.

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