Stjepan Sejic departs DC Comics

Stjepan Sejic concludes his run at DC Comics.

Stjepan Sejic, one of DC’s rising artists, has left the company due to health reasons and will pursue webcomics full time once he completes his assignments for the company. There’s nothing to speculate about the situation. Sejic gained popularity in the comics industry with his Sunstone comics and found further success making art for DC Comics.

Sejic’s art isn’t just eye-catching, it’s hilarious too! One of his most popular panels involves Killer Croc and June Moone going on a date and the facial expressions are on point to say the least.

Image from Stjepan Sejic’s Twitter Account

Sejic mentioned on Newsarama’s Facebook post that he is leaving DC Comics for “health reasons predominantly. i did the stupid thing of burning the candle on both ends and from the sides and it came back to bite me on the ass… and the spine…shoulders, eyes… and a few other issues. turns out walking it off wasn’t an option this time 😕

Honestly. The dude is just looking out for his health and I can’t wait to see what kind of webcomics he has in store for us!

*Featured image is from Mr. Sejic’s DeviantArt Account. You should follow him!

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