Let’s talk Mobile Games

Mobile games have come a long way since the days of Snake & Space Impact.

The popularity of mobile games over the past decade has changed the way people see video games. People used to play video games on the computer or their dedicated console. When Nokia introduced games like Snake and Space Impact on their phones, people were able to play some form of video game on their phones. As Nokia continued to develop their phones in the late 2000s, the games on the phones evolved from a basic green screen to Java Games in full color. However, Nokia’s success would not last forever.

The rise of the iPod Touch lead to an onslaught of mobile games for Apple devices until it reached a point where apps were the norm for mobile games. All of a sudden, Snake goes down the rain while games such as Farmville, Subway Surfer and many others took over our mobile screens. And with the arrival of mobile Android devices, mobile users were no longer restricted to using Apple devices to play mobile games. The open-source nature of Android devices made it easier for developers to make games that anyone could play.

We also have to factor in that smartphones are much more advanced compared to the early 2000s brick phones. In a span of 20 years phones have become our all in one device. You can tell the time, check the weather, read the news and, most importantly, play a wide variety of games. From Clash of Clans to Mobile Legends and beyond, mobile games have come a long way from the days of the iconic green Nokia screen.

Jude and Steven talked about their favorite mobile games on the latest episode of the podcast which featured games like Snake, Space Impact, Bounce, Angry Birds, Subway Surfer, Mobile Legends and much more. Take a nostalgia trip on The Geeky Juans Podcast.

Jude & Steven talk about their favorite Mobile Games over the years.
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Steven is a Data Encoder by day and blogger/podcaster by night for The Geeky Juans. He’s a big fan of the Anaheim Ducks, cartoons, comics and pro-wrestling (not necessarily in that order). You can find him ranting about the latest changes in comics and more on his Twitter @steviesaidyup.

A Filipino Geek Podcast. Founded on April 2018 by Steven Tan, Jude Cruz & Von Adrias. The Geeky Juans is a space for ourselves to share our geeky thoughts and promote the local artists who are under the radar. Besides Wordpress, we can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and, Twitch. Just look for The Geeky Juans!

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