Late Night with Loser Mangaka!

Comic artist and self-made video game creator Loser Mangaka explains his love for dried mangoes and more.

Gioseppe Custodio aka Loser Mangaka is a comic artist and video game artist. We met him around the convention circuit a few years back and have been trying to get him on the podcast for a while now. After several attempts, we finally got the chance to talk about how he got started making comics and more.

We recently talked to Gio about his love for dried mangoes, how he’s coping during the pandemic and talked about his self-made video game Loser Man Goes Running.

What made the episode unique was the fact that we recorded this late at night perfect for that late night talk show vibe. Here’s episode 39 of our podcast with Loser Mangaka:

Gio’s Late Night Interview

You can find Gio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch! He also has a podcast on Spotify.

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