Niki Lopez on Santiago of The Seas

Piratas Ahoy! Niki Lopez sets sail with Steven & Jude to talk about Santiago of The Seas.

This week we talked to Niki Lopez, creator of Santiago of The Seas on Nick Jr. Niki discussed her beginnings as a Nicktern on the Kung Fu Panda animated series, working on Harvey Beaks, how Sailor Moon and Ferngully inspired Santiago of The Seas and much more.

Listen until the end of the show and find out which Nick Jr show Niki would love to see Santiago crossover with so listen to the latest episode of The Geeky Juans Podcast!

Steven & Jude welcome Niki Lopez, creator of Santiago of The Seas

We would like to thank Maggie Wang, Bronte Barbarito and Tiffany Chao of Nickelodeon Press for making this interview happen.

Santiago of The Seas premieres October 9th on Nick Junior USA.

(All promotional images are courtesy of Nickelodeon Press)

The Geeky Juans is a geek culture podcast and blog that focuses on animation, video games, pro-wrestling and comics (not necessarily in that order). Steven Tan and Jude Cruz. The duo uses the podcast and blog as platforms to share their favorite art forms. Whether it’s talking to comic book artists about their art styles to geeking out over wrestling or discussing the behind the scenes of running an animated production, The Geeky Juans make sure their listeners gain a better understanding of the topic of each episode.

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