Komik Spot brings Local Comics Online

Komik Spot intends to help out smaller comic creators in the Philippines to reach a wider audience.

The local comic book scene in the Philippines is growing but with progress comes challenges. One of the biggest challenges local artists face is the lack of a publishing house who’s willing to carry their work. We don’t have the likes of DC Comics or Marvel in the country. Publishers such as PSICOM and Visprint publish comics locally but the Philippines does not have a dedicated comic book publishing company like other countries.

When you’re not under a major publishing house it can be challenging to get your comic book out in the public eye. To answer the problem of comic book publishing, we have seen the rise of services such as Komik Spot and Pen Lab.

On this episode of The Geeky Juans Podcast, we talked to GN Ochoa, founder of Komik Spot to discuss his vision for the publishing house, how he wants the ownership of comics published under Komik Spot to work, his beginnings as a part of the PH Night Life scene and even his favorite Komikon food. Listen to the episode now:

Check out GN Ochoa’s comic Digital Souls on Instagram and Facebook.

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