Reflecting on Dexter & Powerpuff

Jude and Steven reminisce about some of their favorite cartoons Dexter's Lab and The Powerpuff Girls on episode 50 of The Geeky Juans Podcast.

Wow. I can’t believe I’m actually typing the episode article for our 50th episode. I never expected that our little podcast would reach 50 episodes let alone have a little following. Our vision from the beginning was to have a creative outlet for ourselves and maybe earn a little money on the side. We’re still working on the money part but it’s crazy how a few emails can lead you to interviewing cartoon creators or how dropping by to chat in conventions could get you interviews with comic book artists and gaining new friends at the same time.

For the 50th episode of The Geeky Juans Podcast, we wanted to look back at a topic that was close to our hearts and that is cartoons. We talked about Dexter’s Laboratory and the 1998 version of the Powerpuff Girls. There was lots of talk about voice actors who appeared on boths shows and other cartoon trivia.

We also discussed the impact of Powerpuff and how the show introduced us to the basics of feminism. You can call this episode a deep dive into our personal fandoms of those shows and how they shaped us to the people that we are today. I hope we have another 50 episodes in the near future and it won’t take another two years to make them.

You can listen to Episode 50 of The Geeky Juans Podcast on Spotify now.

The Geeky Juans is a geek culture podcast and blog founded by Jude Cruz, Steven Tan and Von Adrias. The idea for the podcast came from a desire by the trio to form a creative outlet for their geeky ideas whether it’s watching wrestling, playing video games, watching anime, cartoons or others The Geeky Juans is a place where geeks of all kinds can read about and listen to discussions on a wide variety of geekdoms all in one podcast.

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