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Comprehending DC Future State

Steven & Jude attempt to understand DC Comics' latest event.

After the events of DC Death Metal, DC Comics is resetting the multiverse oncae again with DC Future State. To be honest, DC Future State is confusing. The aftermath of DC’s Death Metal event left a lot of questions to be answered.

DC Comics is testing out a new round of heroes in DC Future State.

The folks at AT&T attempt to repair what was broken through the Future State event. Steven and Jude attempt to understand the madness of the event.

Readers go through a time-jump and see the DC Universe from a different perspective. Gotham is basically a police state, Wonder Woman has vanished, Superman went to space and some heroes even vanished!

New heroes stepped up to take the place of the missing heroes. From an African-American Batman to the arrival of Red X, a grown-up Jon Kent as Superman on earth and even a Brazilian Wonder Woman! We think this whole event is a litmus test to see what sticks. If anything succeeds, maybe DC will keep it permanently.

Is it just a band-aid solution to the never ending tidal wave of events or is it just a cash grab? Listen to the episode right now and share your thoughts below!

Steven & Jude attempt to comprehend DC Future State

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