Going Gaga for Genshin IMPACT

After the sudden rise of Among Us, nobody thought that 2020 would have another game that would consume everyone’s time. Those people were wrong! Genshin Impact stole any sort of thunder that Among Us or Fall Guys had.

Jude, our resident Genshin Impact Specialist, gives us an introduction to the game and geeks out over how much he loves the game. Stay tuned as he also read comments of fellow fans discussing their favorite husbando or waifu!

What do you like most about Genshin Impact? Who’s your Genshin Husbando or Waifu? Share your thoughts and listen to the episode below!

What is The Geeky Juans?

The Geeky Juans is a geek culture podcast and blog founded by History Majors Jude Cruz, Steven Tan and Von Adrias. The idea for the podcast came from a desire by the trio to form a creative outlet for their geeky ideas whether it’s watching wrestling, playing video games, watching anime, cartoons or anything geeky under the sun.

A Filipino Geek Podcast. Founded on April 2018 by Steven Tan, Jude Cruz & Von Adrias. The Geeky Juans is a space for ourselves to share our geeky thoughts and promote the local artists who are under the radar. Besides Wordpress, we can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and, Twitch. Just look for The Geeky Juans!

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