Anime OTPs for Valentines

What a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's with your favorite Anime OTPs by listening to our favorite pairings.

Let’s get straight to the point. For many people of our age, anime was our gateway to a ton of love pairings regardless of sexuality. We welcomed writer Karen Mae de Vera and cosplayer Jinsei to discuss our favorite anime OTPs (One True Pairing).

We covered the likes of couples from Attack on Titan, Gundam Seed to Neon Genesis Evangelion and much more! You can listen to the episode right now on Spotify and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy your favorite Anime OTPs with The Geeky Juans, Karen Me de Vera & Jinsei Cosplay.

The Geeky Juans

Founded by Steven Tan, Jude Cruz and Von Adrias, The Geeky Juans is a place where geeks of all kinds can read about and listen to discussions on a wide variety of geekdoms all in one podcast and website.

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