Disney Cruella Trailer Thoughts

Where is Disney going with another villain-centric solo film?

Are we really doing this again? Cruella De Vil is going to be a likeable hero isn’t she?

The recent Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie created a villain that you could feel for as a viewer. Hollywood seems to be running out of ideas and making the irredeemable villains into these heroes you want to admire.

We’re really doing this again?


I feel like Disney is playing things safe and no longer taking risks. Remember what happened with the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy? We had a character like Finn disappear into thin air when he had the most compelling story as a Stormtrooper gone Rebel. Why can’t Disney create a new villain instead?

The trailer of Cruella itself reminds me a lot of the Joaquin Phoenix Joker for some reason. I can’t exactly pinpoint why but it just does. Maybe it’s the likeable presence of the main character before they descend into madness or the same old Hollywood trope of remixing a classic song and making it dark.

Emma Stone adds a punky twist to Cruella De Vil. Will she be an irredeemable villain or will she be a hero like Maleficent?

To be fair, Emma Stone looks like she’s pulling off the accent of Cruella well. I’ll have to wait and see if the full movie can change my mind. My main issue is that we’re going to turn Cruella into a hero when everybody knows that she skins the fur of dalmatians to create her coats. She’s not supposed to be redeemable! And since when did she get magical powers? There better be a good explanation for that random boost in her skillset.

Overall, I’m half excited and half nervous for this film. Let’s hope we got more trailers soon in order to get a better picture of Cruella De Vil.

Steven Maxwell Tan

Steven is an e-commerce employee by day and blogger/podcaster by night. He loves the Mighty Ducks movies and its real-life equivalent, the Anaheim Ducks. He also listens to Linkin Park a lot and dabbles in the Moomin franchise. You can find his geeky thoughts @steviesaidyup on Twitter.

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