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ALGS Championship 2021 – NA Finals Predictions

The ALGS NA Championship is heating up to be the most intense tournament of Apex Legends yet. Who'll make the finals? Let's predict!

The Apex Legends Competitive scene is heating up this season, after 3 different playoff tournaments over the span of almost a year, it’s time for the game’s biggest competition yet: The Apex Legends Global Series Championship.

This championship series pits the best Apex Legends teams from each region, competing to win a part of the $2 million prize pool.

One of the regions where most people have their eyes on is in North America. Arguably one of the strongest regions when it comes to overall skill, NA has provided some of the most intense and exciting moments throughout the past year and a half.

With that in mind, let’s predict the teams what we think will make it to the finals of the championship

ALGS North America Groups

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
TSMNRGComplexity GamingAimAssist
Counter Logic GamingRenegadesSpacestation GamingTeam Liquid
SentinelsESA BlackHRNCharlotte Phoenix
My Little PhonyESA RedsmileCloud9
2 Brains 1 ControllerBottom 20eRa EternityXSET
Ranked Is HarderDudes Night OutWe Want LANESA Green
Team xDTSSESA WhiteLetter E
LazarusFYPObey AllianceWallie Catchers
Kanaka’s PetsAbsolute MonarchyFlash PointKSB

Group A Predictions:

TSM (ImperialHal, Reps, Snip3down)

Winners of the Apex Pre-Season Invitational, and multiple time ALGS tournament victors, TSM has been consistently in the top 5 of NA tournament standings. However, they have not regained their winning form that they had in early 2020, only winning one ALGS tournament since.

Despite this, they’re still one of the strongest contenders in the region, and will always have a chance at winning the tournament if they play their cards right. ImperialHal is one of the best IGLs in the game, Reps is one of the most underrated players in terms of raw skill, and Snip3down’s veteran skills and aggression will help them push towards reaching the finals.

Counter Logic Gaming (ImMadness, Vaxlon, lou)

Winners of the ALGS Summer Circuit Playoffs, CLG has been one of the most consistent teams in the region. With a great mix of mechanical skill and aggression, this team led by ImMadness has all the tools to succeed just as long as they gain momentum early. The recent addition of lou has provided them with an aggressive edge that will surely come in handy in tight situations.

Sentinels (senoxe, retzi, crust)

A team that has constantly shown up in the previous ALGS tournament and playoff finals, Sentinels tend to underperform where it matters the most. Their finals performances tend to be inconsistent, being outplayed by some big names in the process. However, they’re still one of the longest tenured teams, giving them the edge on experience and chemistry. It has been a tough road for them, but they always have a chance to step up and play out of their minds.

Ranked is Harder (Dropped, Rogue, Zeroplus)

One of the newer teams on the block, Ranked is Harder is composed of seasoned Apex Predator-ranked streamers in Rogue and Zeroplus, alongside a seasoned pro in Dropped. While they’ve only participated in 3 ALGS tournaments so far, they have the skills and knowledge to make a huge run to the finals.

Group B Predictions:

NRG (sweetdreams, Nafen, rocker)

Winners of the ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs, NRG has finally found the right lineup and formula for success. This group led by sweetdreams has developed a great degree of chemistry to go along with their already impressive set of skills. With Nafen’s and rocker’s aggression, they have the most formidable lineups in the region.

Renegades (Sauceror, PowPow, bowswer)

A team made up of players from former teams, this lineup has found the chemistry to reach the championship round. Sauceror has led multiple teams in the past, while PowPow and bowswer have found success in winning ALGS tournament, both of which are great ingredients for tournament success.

ESA Black (Metro, Sickks, Pandxrz)

Another team made up of former pro players from different teams, ESA Black brings in a wealth of tournament experience to the table. Sickks is a former tournament winner, while Metro and Pandxrz have had strong finishes. This combination can give them the consistency to stay competitive until the final rounds.

ESA Red (ProdigyAces, Rakkinishu, joeyblackout)

Yet another team made up of experienced pros, ESA Red has standout talent like ProdigyAces (who was once in TSM), and have performed well in the recent ALGS tournaments. Another combination that has the skill and chemistry to push to the finals.

Group C Predictions

Complexity Gaming (Monsoon, Reptar, iShiny)

Winners of the ALGS Autumn Circuit Playoffs, Complexity has been one of the most aggressive and exciting teams to watch in NA. Monsoon’s ability to clutch big fights, combines with great chemistry with teammates Reptar and iShiny have turned them into one of the best teams in the region. With their aggressive playstyle ready once more, they’re one of the best choices to win their entire tournament.

Spacestation Gaming (Frexs, Claraphi, Xenial)

After being free agents for a brief period, this team led by Frexs (former member of NRG) got signed by Spacestion Gaming, and have found themselves with an opporunity to get a finals slot. Claraphi and Xenial have had extensive experience, and Frexs has won a tournament with NRG in the past, which shows that they can handle themselves and their new org quite well.

HRN (Hill, Rkn, Euriece)

An experienced team that has been in and out of the competitive scene, HRN has proven that they can hang with the best teams in the region. Euriece’s mechanical skills, combined with Rkn and Hill can pull out big results that can get them out of the group stages and into the finals.

Smile (Mini, Muffins, Pettyboss)

Smile is another team of experienced pros, and have been together for quite a while. While they’re not as successful as the other big names in their group, they have the ability to move the needle and take their act into the finals.

Group D Predictions

AimAssist (Dezignful, Resultuh, Gentrifyinq)

Multiple time tournament winners and one of the best fragging teams in the region, AimAssist reforms after leaving SolaFide. Despite the reformed team, it’s business as usual, with Dezignful leading the team while racking up kills. Resultuh and Gentrifyinq aren’t too far behind, as they have shown they can rack up dozens of kills. However, will their aggression finally result in a major trophy?

Team Liquid (Albralelie, oh Nocturnal, Flanker)

One of the first teams that was able to win tournaments after TSM’s dominance, Team Liquid has seen a huge improvement in their performance after adding Albralelie (who is still signed with TSM). His leadership has shone during each tournament, generating tournament wins and a consistency that allows them to keep them in the championship race. They have the tools to make it to the finals, but they need to show that they can win big and finally gain that tournament win.

Charlotte Phoenix (Bronzey, mercyonlyy, Pride)

Another team of free agents that got signed by a professional org, Charlotte Phoenix has proven that they belong in the big stage after a strong string of ALGS Winter Circuit tournament results. Bronzey has been grinding throughout multiple tournaments and has finally found a team that he can rely on. Their experience gives them an edge over the others in this group, but is it enough to win a championship? Only time will tell.

Cloud9 (Knoqd, StayNaughty, Zach)

Cloud9 returns to the ALGS after signing KSZ, which consists of Knoqd, StayNaughty, and Zach. All three have been some of the best Predator players in the region, and teaming up in ALGS has shown that they can translate their ranked skills into the big stage. Cloud9 is an org known for their success in multiple games, can they make their mark in the ALGS?


The ALGS Championship in NA is one of the most intense in the world of Apex. With top-heavy teams and a huge prize pool, teams have everything to gain in the game’s biggest tournament yet.

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