Favorite Albums of The 2000s

Paolo Bermal joins The Geeky Juans to reminisce about Music from The 2000s.

Get your guyliner out! The Geeky Juans are talking about our favorite albums from the 2000s!

Paolo Bermal is a Musician and Record Producer. He’s also a Childhood Friend of Jude!

Jude adds a different twist on this episode of The Geeky Juans Podcast as he recruits his best friend, and former bandmate, to discuss our favorite albums from the 2000s. Whether you’re a indie afficionado for Air’s Talkie Walkie or a pop pugilist for Lady Gaga’s The Fame or an emo kid who loves Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory, there’s something for everyone on the first-ever pod episode about music!

You can listen to The Geeky Juans Podcast below:

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