RealMe Watch 2 Review

Smartwatches have become commonplace in the tech market. With more people looking to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle (especially during the pandemic), these devices keep track of your daily progress and overall fitness goals.

This means tech brands all over the world are looking to craft smartwatches that provide wide functionality and solid durability in an affordable package. This is where the RealMe Watch 2 comes in, and we can say it’s quite the product.

Dare to Leap

Visually, the RealMe Watch 2 looks simple yet sleek. The rubber strap feels sturdy and the bands and locks make sure that you can wear it comfortably even during intense sports and workout sessions.

The watch face itself looks clean and fresh. The 1.4″ color touchscreen is bright and responsive, and just feels as durable as the entire watch.

Versatility On Your Wrist

When it comes to functionality, the RealMe Watch 2 has great variety for its price point (Php 3,990). First off, there are 90 Sports Modes, which means it can track a wide selection of sports and activities that any fitness enthusiast would like to perform.

You also get a Blood Oxygen and Heart Rate Monitor, which is essential when it comes to keeping your energy and overall wellbeing in check. You also have your standard Activity Monitor, which tracks the amount of steps and calories you have burnt during the day. And at the end of the day, you can also use the Sleep Monitor to track your sleeping schedule, which is great for people who regularly stay up late and have hectic work schedules.

Apart from these features, the RealMe Watch 2 is IP68 Water Resistant and has a lengthy 12-day battery life.

AI of Things

Apart from these fitness and performance functions, the watch also has AIoT functionality. This means you can link your phone through the RealMe Link app (which is available in the Google Play Store). All you need to do is to create an account and link your devices using Bluetooth, and you’re all set.

You can also use the RealMe Watch 2 to remotely control your phone’s music player, which comes in handy while working out, and even use it as a remote phone camera button. These handy functions make the device really user-friendly and make things more convenient.


With a solid price point, the RealMe Watch 2 provides great functionality in a small package. With options to track different sports and activities, to the handy AIoT options, you have a trusty workout companion that you can use daily.

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