Looking Back at the KFC Double Down

Double Down is back! Time to reflect on your fast food choices.

The return of the KFC Double Down has made me reflect on my food choices.

I had the chance to try the KFC Double Down again for what feels like years. Maybe it’s the fact that Jude and I were just talking about it on our podcast or our fast food throwbacks were simply nostalgic and not supposed to mean anything.

(Note: This is not sponsored by KFC Philippines or any of their affiliates. We just love KFC.)

May be an image of food and text that says "KFC IT'S DOUBLE BACK! DOWN Ctill NO BUNS. Still ALL MEAT. kfc.com.ph 88-87-8888 KFC PH App"
The Double Down is back with a vengeance.

However, I realized that the Double Down is one of the best fast food items ever because there’s no carbs! You have the freedom to add whatever carb you want instead of having bread on it.

The Double Down has two options: Regular or Zinger. I chose the Zinger Double Down and the minor kick included in it was perfect! My friends said that the original Double Down is too salty these days compared to before so I think I made a good choice.

My mind suddenly went back to 2012 when I was in college and had a sort of okay metabolism. The Double Down Fully Loaded box was too much. You just need the Double Down to concentrate your taste buds on the flavor of the chicken without mash potatoes or other items distracting you.

That’s all. I just wanted to write about the Double Down. Don’t forget to listen to our podcast where we talk about retro items in fast food, wrestling and much more!

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