Crazy Rich Asians Review

The different ideologies of being the child of immigrants, compared to someone who grew up in Asia is a major talking point that I'm glad was discussed.

Detective Pikachu Trailer Thoughts

I have so many things to say about the Detective Pikachu. First of all why?! Second. When can I pre-order tickets? This trailer came out of nowhere. Amidst the sad […]

Venom Movie Review

Superhero movies tend to follow a specific pattern to appeal to the general audience. Venom is a movie that has followed the typical superhero pattern and flipped it into a romantic comedy that's even better than Crazy Rich Asians.

Asiapop Comicon 2018 Review

The flagship geek convention of the Philippines is experiencing some growing pains. Asiapop Comicon is considered the top geek convention of the annual geeky calendar but, it's not living up to its potential

Live Action Gundam? Our Thoughts

A few days ago, it was announced at Anime Expo 2018 that Sunrise and Legendary Pictures would be forming a collaboration that aims to bring Gundam on the big screen. […]

Steven Universe Poster

The Geeky Juans Episode 5: STEVEN UNIVERSE!

WARNING: This episode has SPOILERS. In our longest episode yet, we talk about Steven Universe & the rest of the Crystal Gems. As we wait for the next batch of Steven Bombs, let's listen to Mmina's thoughts on the most recent big reveal.